Are you looking for a Business mentor or Martial arts instructor in central London!

Look no further, a Martial arts coach backed with 14 years of corporate retail experience, 17 years as a full time Martial arts instructor, 17 years business growth, all backed with over 28 years of learning the Wing Chun Kung Fu system and what more would you need?

All this dedicated to helping my clients in central London.

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What can i help you with?

Wing Chun training

I have been studying the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu for 28 years and over this time dedicated my self to teaching many students, i focus on your foundation and taking you through the Wing Chun System to Mastery

Boxing training

Boxing is my second favorite Martial art and as well as my personal hobby, it is an art that i love to teach, improved fitness and coordination and it really draws your fighting spirit out

Business coaching

I am a true believer is passing on the knowledge that you gain, my expertise is unsurpassed when it comes to helping you with your new venture and i pass on everything that i know to save you the time and effort in making those mistakes

Personal Mentor

What ever reason you have, i believe we should all have a personal mentor, someone who can guide us on our journey, to motivate and inspire us, allow me to help you and you will achieve all of your goals whether personal, work or your home life, its all about balance

Childrens instructor

In this day and age with our young generation having everything at there finger tips they also need some direction in life, with busy working parents your children need a mentor to back you up and guide them in a positive manner


Sifu Scott Rowlinson is a fantastic mentor. When I first started in this new industry I knew nothing and he took me from that point to now having a full time career. When we had our first meeting he gave me a guarantee that he would not stop until I reached my goals, no matter what it took. He was true to his word! He was always there every step of the way 24/7. His motivation is inspiring and I definitely wouldn’t be as successful as I am today without his guidance and mentorship.

I’ve always had ambitions of starting my own business, but it wasn’t until meeting Sifu Scott that I was able to actualise this goal. His clear explanations and understanding of my needs during our very first meeting fostered a trust that led me to begin his business mentorship journey and ive never looked back.

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