Wing Chun Mastery

buy Lyrica overnight Sifu Scott Rowlinson is focused on developing his students from the start of their journey in Wing Chun right through to becoming a Master of the Wing Chun system and a Wing Chun Practitioner Grade 5th PG. A Students journey can start from the age of 4 with my fully written curriculum taking our children from the Little Dragon white sash through the 12 grades into the Junior programme at the age of 7 through to 12 and again into our adults section from 13 and forever.

look at these guys Students can start there Wing Chun journey any where within that and i am fully capable of slotting you in and setting you your personal goals within the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu. I fully understand the importance of setting the student a goal and have devised the following programmes and courses to set you on track and keep you motivated to become a Master of the Wing Chun System.

Little Dragon Journey

Our Little Dragon basic course is designed to start our children at the earliest point. Children prior to the age generally are not ready for Martial Arts training as they have not gained the basic fundamentals needed in a Martial arts class. At the age of 4 they can now be developed through the key life skills that our classes offer.  Our Basic course is set to take a Little Dragon from there white sash through the White and yellow, White and Orange and White with Red sash grading material from a slow paced Basic Level, An introduction into Martial Arts to see how they will get on with this training.

blog de rencontre sexe Our Little Dragon Black Belt Course is aimed at setting our Very young Students the first goal in Martial Arts, The Little Dragon Black Sash, The Little Dragon Black Sash is the start of our Junior Warrior black belt course and when a little dragon achieves this goal they graduate up into our Junior Warrior Black Belt classes to work towards the Junior Warrior Black Belt.

It takes 24 months from the Little Dragons start to achieve the little dragon black belt grade. This grade is by no means the end of the Wing Chun Journey for our children as our fully written curriculum takes our children all the way through to our Adults as can be seen on our Website.

passez à ce site web The Little Dragon Black Belt simply sets a mild stone achievement for our very young students and motivates them to attend there training classes, if a student begins at the age of 4 this means that they would attain the Black Sash at the age of 6 and therefore have a further 12 months of education before we move them up to our Junior programme (We can always move them into the Junior warriors here if we and the parent believe this is the correct thing to do).

If they remain as a little dragon the students start to work on the junior Curriculum and achieve a Junior Grade for every second grading cycle that they work through and means that when they graduate into the Junior Warriors at the age of 7 they will have completed Phase one already and will be placed directly into Phase 2 as an Advanced Junior Warrior Student.

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Junior Warrior Journey

Our Junior Warrior Classes are for our Children of the age group of 7 years to 12 years. In this programme we look to give the children a stable base in Martial arts and key development in Leadership and Life skills values. The junior Warrior Programme is based on 50% of the programme developing key life skills and 50% of the Programme working through the physical elements of Martial Arts. For children we believe in an Education through Martial Arts and not to focus on a child’s ability to Kick and Punch another child or Adult. Martial Arts is far more than just punching and kicking and at this age there Wing Chun Training must be about instilling great Values in There behaviour.

Our Junior Warrior Black Belt Course is aimed at setting our young Students the second goal on their Martial Arts journey following graduation from our Little Dragon programme or, if starting as a junior Warrior their first goal in Martial Arts, for many children this is the first goal that they set in life and sets great values for their future, The Junior warrior Black Sash. The Junior Warrior White Sash is the start of the journey (Or would be replaced with the little dragon White with Black Stripe Sash) and this shows there commitment in starting a new journey in there life as they work hard towards the Junior Black Sash Grade.

It takes 24 months from the students start to achieve the black belt grade, This grade is by no means the end of the Wing Chun Journey and simply sets a mild stone achievement for our younger students, if a student starts at the age of 7 this means that they would attain the black Sash at the age of 9 and therefore have a further 4 years of education before we move them up to our Adult programme, from here on wards the students start to revisit the adult curriculum in more detail and then they work through the Adult grades one for every second grading cycle, this means that when they reach the age of 13 they will enter our adults programme as a 12th Student grade and automatically start to work on the Adult Technician material.

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Adults Journey

The adults training Curriculum is broken down into student phases that define particular ranges, knowledge and Experience. The classes are there to build skills that are practical and realistic when applied to real life situations. We start with the most obvious and common attacks and move our students training on from there. The first phase which covers student grades 1 to 4 is all about a face to face confrontation and stand up fighting.

The complete overview of our Adult programme is taught through the student Advanced Training Course, this is designed to set the student the goal of his/Her 12th Student grade and as it says you are a student of the Wing Chun System. The Advanced Training course is the preliminary stage of setting the goal to Master the art of Wing Chun and moving on to the Masters Material where a student learns to Technically apply the Knowledge they are learning, The Advanced Training Course is not Necessarily set so you understand the art of Wing Chun but more so that a student can apply themselves in the Art.

The Wing Chun International Master Class! The complete Wing Chun System taught to those students wishing to learn the Wing Chun System as quickly as they can, The Masters course is designed to treat you as the Master that you wish to become and indicates that you would show a level of commitment as if you were a Wing Chun Master of Kung Fu Today.

The Master Training Course is for any student and is not based on time or grade but is for those who wish to put a level of Time, Effort and financial investment into there training, you will learn the complete system of Wing Chun including the Wooden Dummy Programmes, Bui Tse understanding and the Weapons of the Wing Chun System, This is a fast Paced course with Master classes taking place all over the UK throughout the week.

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