Wing Chun Instructor Courses in London

The Wing Chun Kung Fu Instructor Certification Training Course will give you the skills, knowledge and tools to effectively teach Wing Chun Kung Fu under my Brand of Wing Chun Kung Schools.

I am dedicated to delivering the best buy Lyrica dubai training, weblink teaching visitez le site methods and Wing Chun Kung Fu system to you in order to make you successful, whether you are taking this course to develop your professional knowledge base or would like to become part of a rapidly growing brand and run your own business and be a fully certified Wing Chun Self Defence Instructor.

Training Overview

The Wing Chun Instructor Certification Training comes in two elements and is a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical training. It is fully designed to give you the tools and skill level to be able to get started as a martial arts instructor and go live within 12 weeks, feeling confident and knowledgeable regardless of your age or fitness levels, with permanent ongoing support from an internationally recognised martial arts organisation.

Element One

You will learn how to start your own Wing Chun Martial Arts School and self defence classes. Element one will take you through all of the knowledge and stages that you need to learn to become a part time or full time martial arts self defence instructor, how to gain new students, how to ask them to join your school and how to teach them in various surroundings: a class environment, one-on-one tuition or dedicated seminars. You will also be taught how to set a student’s goals to continue their journey in Wing Chun Kung Fu if they wish.

Element Two

Helps you to become proficient in the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu for yourself and gain the capabilities and skills to deliver a fully written curriculum to your students. You will be fully trained in each Phase of the Wing Chun system and have your personal goal set to master the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu if you desire or set milestones of achievement for yourself. Full time training will be hard, requiring dedication, but will be rewarding for those focused on achieving the qualification of a fully recognised Head Instructor.

Course Structure

The Certified Instructor training course is delivered over an initial three month period. The course will be taught on a personal basis or through group sessions over this period of time, as it is very hands-on in getting you out and about applying the knowledge that you are learning. Intensive training days for element two will be done in group sessions and focused on developing your physical ability to do and teach the Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools curriculum. If you already hold previous knowledge in martial arts or the Wing Chun system you can complete the initial course material more quickly.

The training can be intensive for some, both mentally and physically; however, it will always be set at the attendee’s pace. Upon completion you will become a Level 1 Certified Instructor (Sifu) and will be able to run regular Wing Chun classes and Self Defence courses for beginners, children and women and be competent to move on to the Level 2 Certified Instructor qualification.

Before you can start teaching YOU WILL need to apply for a Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools Instructor area licence.

Course Modules

  • Marketing
  • Instructing and teaching adults aged 13 plus
  • Instructing and teaching children aged 4 to 13
  • Retaining your students
  • Concepts and strategies to build your School
  • Business systems and management
  • Wing Chun Kung Fu Master Curriculum
  • Wing Chun Kung Fu Children Curriculum
  • Structure and running a class
  • Health and safety

Business Owner and Instructor Continuous Development

Having become a Level One Certified Instructor, there will be an opportunity to progress your training and qualification to Level Two in the instructor-ship programme and further your own knowledge to develop your business to the next level as well as your personal ability in the Wing Chun Kung Fu system.

You will learn to teach Phase Two of the Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools Curriculum and look to qualify as a Level Two Instructor (Sifu) out of the 5 Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools levels available to you. At the end of the first course you will be recognised as a instructor level grade 1.

Instruction Certification Level 1

Cost Upon Application

Master Training

Cost Upon Application

Upon completion the candidate will receive certification to teach under the Brand of Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools and,

subject to license fee, be authorised to teach beginner students within the United Kingdom.

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