Wing Chun Drills and Exercises

The drills and buy Lyrica 150 mg online exercises at regarde ça Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools are designed to give the student all the required elements a rencontre trans française Wing Chun Practitioner needs to help develop his/her mind, body and spirit whether it’s Fitness, Balance, Coordination, Flexibility or Sparring.

A Wing Chun student is given drills during there training. These drills are given in the form of a set sequence of moves that can be worked on for a constant basis so that the information is installed into there bodies forming Muscle memory, meaning that like blinking and breathing the student reacts without thinking about what they are doing to defend themselves.

Wing Chun Drills (Solo Training)

The first drill the student will come across is the Wing Chun’s first form called Siu Nim tao, this form is split into 8 sentences and each sentence is practiced in every class allowing you the student to gain a greater understanding of each shape and build muscle memory.

Moving on from the forms we have footwork whether it’s basic or advanced footwork the student is introduced to a new step or a sequence of steps every class.

Hand and Coordination drills – Nine Basic hand Shapes, Man sau Wu Sau, 8 Kicks of Wing Chun and Centre Line Punching (Chain Punching). These Wing Chun drills and sequences of movements are designed to help you the student build muscle memory, flow and are drilled until you can do them without any thought. These Wing Chun Drills can be combined so that you as a student can gain a more in-depth understanding of Wing Chun.

The Sparring basic drill is a set of 10 movements to introduce the beginner student to sparring.

Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools 1-2-3 drill, this is a drill to learn the combination of hand movements and then to combine this with the Sparring points.

Applied Wing Chun Sparring Drills (Attack and Defend Partner Training)

The First time a Wing Chun student is introduced to the applied side of the Wing Chun Drills they will come across our little game called Lat Sao. Within this drill the student will learn how to attack and defend whatever your fellow Wing Chun Practitioner throws at you and within this drill you as the student will work through the 12 points of the first 4 programmes, also within the game of Sparring you the student will learn the 5 principles of sparring in a Wing Chun Class.

Applied Wing Chun Drills Chi Sao (Sticky Hands)

Once the student has been introduced to the applied side of the Wing Chun drills they will then move onto what is considered the most important aspect of the Wing Chun system and that being Chi Sao, the art of sticking to an attacker.

This particular drill is first introduced as single hands with you and your training partner and this drill is designed so that you as student can gain greater understanding of pressure from your training partner and your goal is to redirect this, maintain wrist to wrist contact thus keeping the distance between each other the same. Dan Chi Sao can be worked diagonally or parallel.

Once you have reached a certain grade you will be introduced to Wing Chun Drills of Chi Sao wrist to wrist contact of both hands. As your knowledge of Wing Chun grows you’ll find yourself creating your own drills, looping back and forth through everything you have learnt from your Sparring and Chi Sao Programs.

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