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Our wing chun classes in London are there to build skills that are practical and realistic when applied to real life situations. The adults training Curriculum is broken down into student phases that define particular ranges and knowledge and Experience. We start with the most obvious and common attacks and move our students training on from there.

1st Phase

The first phase which covers http://modmedhc.com/wp-json/wp/v2/pages// grades 1 to 4 is all about stand up fighting. In Western culture almost every Visit Website physical confrontation starts with a punch, either a straight punch or a big hook. So we focus mainly on dealing with these and a few other tinder rencontre comment ça marche variations such as a low punch and back fists along with some lien vers le site basic kick defences.

2nd Phase

The second phase is there to deal with anything that is closer than punching range. This for us starts with knee’s and elbow’s (dealing with and applying,) this is our specialist range and where we look to finish the attacker. Then we show how to deal with grappling, (someone trying to overpower you with grabbing your arms, legs or body and also head locks. From there we move on to anti-throwing, if you are going to be a stand up fighter then learning how to avoid or counter being thrown or tripped up is essential, and lastly for the second phase we show you the best tactics and skills to deal with being on the ground with either the attacker still on their feet or when you both go to the ground.

3rd Phase

The third phase is there to drill in and get highly skilled at mixing between the phase one and two material, this will make you very competent all round and give you the very best chance at successfully defending yourself in any situation you may find yourself in.In Phase Three we also introduce you to specialist subjects such as dealing with Weapons, Re-staining techniques as well as other topics.

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