Wing Chun for Self Defence[] Wing Chun is a perfect martial art for learning self defence. Its simplicity makes it an effective martial art for close range fighting because it offers a small range of martial art techniques that work well against the majority of people in the majority of self defence situations. Meaning it works well against the ordinary person who may attack you in the street.

Wing Chun is science in motion that is pure and simple and adaptable to any self defence environment. Its reliance on close quarter angular deflection, combined with kicks and punches rather than locks and throws makes it an extremely effective martial art to learn for self defence. The purpose of Wing Chun is to move efficiently, yet economically as possible in the most direct and practical way.

The idea of moving efficiently is related to the conceptualisation of occupying and holding the middle ground. Know as the Centre Line theory, this approach provides an effective blue print that emphasis the importance of punching or striking efficiently, making Wing Chun an effective martial art for small built people.

Wing Chun lacks the emphasis of mimicking animal forms, but instead develops the body for good health, vitality as well as an effective fighting system. While Wing Chun relies on speed and good physical body structure, our approach to training has an emphasis on fitness, conditioning. Students also practice in an authentic manner by mastering the complete system of Wing Chun forms, including the wooden dummy.

Training at any of our school emphasises the multi strike aspect of the Wing Chun martial arts system. Here we have designed effective training programs that truly develop effective self defence ability.

Sifu Scott Rowlinson offers self defence courses for women!

Self Defence for Women