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Come Take Your Frustrations Out On The Bags.We all have those days at work or school, where we need to let off a bit of steam. It’s empowering to let your frustrations out, so you can forget that messy house or bad meeting. Plus, it’s fun too.

Class Structure

Classes are roughly divided into three main sections.

The first, the warm up, includes the conditioning and stretching exercises needed to box. Boxing specific routines are included here.

This is followed by the demonstration and drilling of boxing techniques. Examples of these include,

Striking – working in pairs using boxing gloves/pads.

Guard – drilling guard postures and defensive boxing techniques.

Movement – working on upper body movements and footwork.

Tactics – applying diverse strategies related to boxing and the different types of opponent.

Boxing technique work is followed by exercises that will improve students’ level of fitness and again incorporate boxing specific routines.

Sparring will be included in classes, but students are only asked to participate when they, and the instructor, feel they’re ready. Our emphasis is on technical sparring as this ensures students are able to apply the taught techniques correctly in a live environment. It’s also highly important if a boxer is to improve their skills.

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