Basic Wing Chun Courses in London

Wing Chun Kung Fu schools in London offer our new students a way of starting Wing Chun so to see how you get on and therefore decide if continuing with the advanced training is right for you. The Basic course offers slow paced classes taking you through the basics of the Wing Chun System and allows you to find out more about the Wing Chun System, as well as to meet with the instructors and other students.

Basic Wing Chun Course Overview

(Lets call this the “Giving it a go and see how it works out for me course”)

The Wing Chun Basic Course is what it states, its a basic introduction to the neurontin 900 mg day Wing Chun System for the new students to try out our classes and introduce them selves to aller sur le site Martial Arts, the classes will be slow paced and kept to a minimum with the material that is covered so not to overload the new student with to much information.

It is just enough to help the new student get started and therefore to see if setting the goal of becoming an advanceed student working through the 12th Student Grade is right for them, The Advanced course gives you a complete overview of the Wing Chun System where as the basic course offers you the first 4 students grades only, below is an indication of the material covered on this course however is by no means a fixed curriculum to be stuck to, it is a guide for you only.

  • SNT The First Form, Sentence 1-4, Being able to copy the Instructor as a minimum.
  • Lat Sao Programme 1 of 4 with in the rotation demonstrating 3 of the Wing Chun Shapes.
  • Dan Chi Sao, Arm positions of the Basic Roll
  • 8 Basic Steps Including, Being able to copy the Instructor as a minium.
  • Standard Punches, Variations of Standard Wing Chun Punches with the emphasis on hitting the Center line, Vertical fist and having a rear hand in the center.
  • Theory: Center Line Theory, The Four Principles of Wing Chun.
  • SNT The First Form Sentence 1-4 should now be completed on the students own.
  • SNT The First Form Sentence 5-8 following the instructors lead.
  • Lat Sao Programme 2 out of 4 in the rotation demonstrating 3 of the Wing Chun Shapes/Positions.
  • Dan Chi Sao, Demonstrating the complete one arm roll movement.
  • 8 Basic Steps showing these on the students own ability, the addition of 4 extra phase one steps following the instructors lead.
  • Standard Punches: Better fluidity with single and multiple punches.
  • Theory: Wedge Theory, Simultaneous Attack And Defend.
  • SNT Form should now be demonstrated through sentence 1 to 8 own the students own merits, Arm Shapes and positions in the correct places.
  • Lat Sao Programme 3 out of 4 in the rotation demonstrating 3 points of the programme.
  • Dan Chi Sao Basic Roll including with the addition of changing inside and outside lines.
  • All Phase one steps demonstrated on the students own showing inproved balance and co-ordination.
  • Standard Punches: A Marked improvement in Concentration whilst hitting, The ability to start to generate power in the vertical Punch and speed in continuous punching.
  • Sparring, the introduction of sparring and working through the Lat Sao programmes out of a frame work
  • Theory: The Four Power Principles.
  • SNT The first Form should now be demonstrated through sentence 1 to 8 own the students own merits, Arm Shapes and positions in the correct places and demonstrating the ability to implement power into the Arm movements.
  • Lat Sao Programme 4 out of 4, demonstrating 3 core points of the Programme.
  • Dan Chi Sao Basic Roll including an improvement in the first Three programmes and the introduction to Changing sides (Opposite Arm) and Working Through Diagonal Movements as well as stepping in and shifting.
  • All Basic Steps Should now show a marked improvement in position, Students Co-Ordination and Balance as well as demonstrating these steps through the Lat Sao Programmes that has been learnt.
  • Standard Punches: Students should now be able to demonstrate single punches with the inclusion of Power, Focus on the target and no Body Movement, Chain Punches should be demonstrated with Maximum speed and Conditioning to allow for several Minutes of Punching.
  • Sparring, The student should now be able to demonstrate a basic level of sparring ready to take them into the advanced course training.
  • Theory: Magnetic Zone, Inside and Out Stand Gate Understanding.

Wing Chun Kung Fu Schools as a dedicated Martial Arts organisation understands the importance of setting out students goals of achievement, this is an important part of the Wing Chun Students journey, our grading system is NOT A TEST and should not be viewed as one, A test is something that you fail or pass and this is not what Wing Chun is about. Our Grading system is a MARK OF IMPROVEMENT and for the student to identify where they are placed within the complete Wing Chun System.

The Wing Chun System is so big that if you do not have this Reference point on your journey for most students they will feel lost, a little like stepping out of a spaceship and having the rope cut, you will get lost in space or rather for us you will get lost with understanding what you have or have not learnt. This above material is a guide only and is a massive help for students who wish to Master that Art of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

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